Saturday, October 6, 2007

The End Is Near

Today was the last BUB (killer weekly meeting) that I will ever have to attend in the Navy, Lord willing. Now I just have one day and a wake-up, and hopefully no chances to do anything memorable. For a second I was going to get sentimental, but it is impossible to have any nostalgia after having sat through a three hour meeting. (One interesting note is that the Battalion Commander, who is also nearing his time to go home, ended the meeting by talking about three very optimistic meetings he has had with Iraqi Police Chiefs in the last week. One police chief, “who never has anything positive to say except about himself,” had an optimism that was notable to BC.) If I happen to get out of here on my birthday, that will be the best birthday present I have received in many years.


The Schueler Family said...

Have a safe and quick trip Matt. We are so anxious to have you safe on our soil again!

Jeff raunig said...

Fiesta, where are you and how can I contact you. I miss you are your burrito butt.

jeff said...

I heard you are at USUHS?

Anonymous said...

ok, i understand that this was 'published' awhile ago and i apologize if this sounds odd but i was searching for a video from fob rusty when i came across this blog. after a reading bits and pieces some of it sounded vaguely familiar. again i apologize if this is completely off mark, but were(are) you the navy LT that frequented the aid station at the hospital during sickcall hours?
-SPC Bartram (formerly)of Charlie Co. 2nd BSB.